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  Specialists in Roof Cleaning for more than two decades, TopClean are one of the SouthEasts leading Roof Cleaning experts and have vast knowledge and experience in this specialised type of cleaning. We make sure our clients commercial and residential roofs are clean, presentable, free from moses, lichens and algae. Over the years we have saved our clients many thousands of pounds by maintaining their roofs correctly.
A poorly maintained roof can seriously reduce the life expectancy of the roof tiles and the integrity of the main structure of the roof itself. Click to see the Gallery

After the roof has been cleaned by our highly trained operatives, we can treat your roof using an anti-fungal agent which kills any remaining roots and spores thus stopping the re-germination process.

Surprisingly, this specialised work can be carried out for much less than people often imagine, and will save many thousands of pounds long term.

The cost of regularly cleaning gutters, gullies and drains will be almost totally lost, simply by keeping your roof clean. The moses hold water and  with the UK weather such as it is, every year at some point the moss will become frozen and expands. This process is potentially very damaging to your roof and at best will reduce the life of both the tiles and the roof itself.  

Moss, Lichen and Algae cause erosion of the morter joints, on the valleys, the ridges and chimneys. Not only this, mosses will grow under the tiles and will cause capillary attraction of rain water thus resulting in roof leaks. The moss itself can become very large and heavy then downpours of rain dislodge them, this in turn will slide from the roof to your gutters, which aside from blocking the gutters downpipes and drains, adds too much weight for the gutters to hold thus potentially causing hundreds or even thousands of pounds of damage to the gutters themselves. 

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